lördag 25 september 2010

A finished Hanikamu scarf

I knitted a Hanikamu scarf, and it turned out like this.

A close up on the brilliant pattern.

On me.

From behind (I can not understand how come I always look so terrible on these blogg photos, my sloth seems to be a very lousy photographer indeed).

I just love the scarf... I enjoyed knitting it because the pattern was extremely braindead, and I brought the knitting with me everywhere (except to meetings at work, that is for unknown reasons forbidden...). Row 1 is slip one, knit one, yarn over and pass slipped stich over both the knitted stich and the yarn over. Row 2 is just knitted stiches. One side turns out as a thick wavy pattern, and the other side looks like a waffle. I think this way of knitting would be perfect for dishclothes, since it gets really really thick. I used a fantastic yarn from Mirasol, Sulka, which is 60% merino, 20% silk and 20% alpaca. Yes, it is soft beyond words... And also expensive beyond words, sigh. I used two hanks. I am very pleased with my Hanikamu and will use it frequently, it is already getting seriously cold in the mornings when I bike to work.

I have problems cheering myself up this autumn. Last autumn I enjoyed a long vacation in Australia and Malaysia, this year the coldness and darkness seem more or less compact.
Double-sigh. When candles, new books, a lot of lovely yarn and chocolate dont do it, what does one do then? Hibernates together with the snakes? Emigrates to somewhere sunny and warm?

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  1. Hej!
    Vad skumt, jag har tydligen missat ett par stycken av dina inlägg det sista!

    I alla fall, Nepaltröjan är jättefin och du kommer garanterat inte att frysa i vinter! Kragen är också fin, vilken rolig struktur det blev!

    Ha det gott!