onsdag 15 september 2010

Härliga vänner / Lovely friends

Lovely friends have been in Barcelona enjoying some late summer heat, and they brought a brown paper bag home to me. What´s in it?

Well, five hanks of Malabrigo worsted Amoroso! Imagine a paper bag full of joy, my favourite yarn in my favourite colour! How happy can one be, I only screamed! And I will instantly start to knit a sweater, I know what design I will use. Thank you so much Pauline and Bill!!!

And if that wasn´t enough, two packages of Australian Tim Tam biscuits found their way into my fridge. Tim Tams are the best chocolate biscuits in the world. And somebody remembered that Black Forest is my favourite flavour... Thank you soooooo much Pauline! :-)))))))

2 kommentarer:

  1. Det var verkligen fantastiska vänner, det!